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Information about Skycolors.

Born in 1982, my passion for aviation started when I was about 9 years old when I first saw the movie "Top Gun".

Back in 2002, my dream of learning to pilot an airplane became true when I took flying lessons on a small C152 to get the Private Pilot License - was at the flying school that I first discovered Flight Simulator as well. After a while I started to paint liveries for planes for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Initially I published my repaints on a website of a free provider and the thought of having a dedicated web domain was tickling my mind by the end of 2002 and so, in June 2003, Skycolors poped up. The name "Skycolors" had been chosen to reflect the almost unlimited number of paint schemes worn by the aircraft all around the world. My goal, from the start has been to provide flight sim enthusiasts all over the world with aircraft repaints as accurate and detailed as possible in order to bring realism into Flight Simulator.

At the begining, my repaints were completely hand-painted, but over the years I noticed that not even the most wonderful digital photo-effects would be able to get even close to what mother nature creates and so I decided to make photo-textured repaints in order to achieve even more realism from every single livery; as you probably noticed, the majority of the repaints available on the web are hand-painted and the common thing in these repaints is the lack of depth and the toy-similar look. Another aspect which results from using the paintkits is that all the aircraft made with a paintkit look exactly the same, having the same level of perfection, obtaining as final product the "stock-effect" (the same which can be seen with the autogen buildings for instance). With photo-texturing, these "3 digital painting bugs" are completely absent because the colour/light/dirt/weathering effects are made by the mother nature and captured within the photo, which, once is texturized and applied, makes the aircraft model look exactly as in real-world; it takes a lot more time and effort to make a photo-textured repaint than one using a paintkit, but when the photo-texturing method is used there are no two aircraft wearing the same livery looking the same - each aircraft is unique.

Written by Claudio Adriano Dobre

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