This guide explains how to install FSInn v1.3 in FSX and FS2004 on Windows XP/7/10 operating systems in order to be able to fly online on VATSim network.

how to install fsinn to fly online on vatsim

This guide explains how to install FSInn v1.3 in FSX and FS2004 on Windows XP/7/10 operating systems in order to be able to fly online on VATSim network.

FSInn Installation Guide Step 1: Download the Packages
FSInn runs hand in hand with FSCopilot; in order to fly online on VATSim network both must be downloaded and installed.

Download FSInn v1.3 and FSCopilot v1.7 from the FSX Utilities page; they are compatible with both x86 and x64 Windows XP/7/10 versions. If You run FSX make sure to have the SP2 update already installed, while for FS2004 is necessary to have the v9.1 update already installed before installing FSCopilot and FSInn.

How to Install FSInn Step 2: Run the Installers Normally
Install first FSCopilot v1.7 and then FSInn v1.3 by running the installers normally, not as administrator. During the install process do not make any changes to any of the default fields in both installers.

FSInn Installation Guide Step 3: Configuration Update
* for computers running Windows 7/10:
Access Windows using an Administrator account type. If You are the only user of your computer, by default your Windows account should be already set as Administrator.

Go to "Start > FSFDT", right click on "FSInn UI", then from the dropdown list select "Run as administrator" and finally left click on "Chat".

Fire up Windows Explorer and open the root folder of your Flight Simulator. Right click on FSX.exe or FS9.exe, navigate to the "Compatibility" tab and put a check mark on "Run this program as an administrator".

* for computers running Windows XP:
Left click: "Start > FSFDT > FSInn UI", then finally on the "Chat" button.
How to install FSInn: click on the Chat button

How to Install FSInn Step 4: Flight Simulator Settings
Run Flight Simulator and then click on "Modules > FSCopilot > Inn Control Panel > SET > General > Basic", type your details and set the IP of the VATSim server to use (below there is the list of current VATSim servers).

VATSim servers list:
  • BRAZIL -------
  • CANADA -----
  • CZECH --------
  • FRANCE ------
  • GERMANY1 -
  • GERMANY2 -
  • INDIA ---------
  • SWEDEN -----
  • UAE ------------
  • UK1 ------------
  • UK2 ------------
  • USA Central --
  • USA East ------
  • USA West -----
The text fields of your name and homebase airport, VATSim user ID and password can be filled also at Step 2 when running the FSCopilot and FSInn installers.

Among the system tray icons on your Windows taskbar there should be one that looks like a traffic light colored in green, red and yellow. Right click on it and then left click on "Show". The FSFDT Control Panel should fire up.
FSInn installation guide: set the Push to Talk button Go to "Key mappings" and set the Push To Talk button "FS PTT Key Mapping".

Close Flight Simulator, restart your computer and You are ready to fly online on VATSim.

Remember the radio check procedure at the beginning of each flight:
Pilot: "[station name] [your callsign] radio check"
Expected response from ATC or FIC: "[your callsign] [station name] we hear you #"
"#" is any number ranging from 1 to 5, where 1 is very badly and 5 is loud and clear.

If the station You are calling says that your volume is too low, in FSFDT Control Panel above Key Mappings there is Volumes - from there is possible to turn up the volume of your mic.

By Claudio Adriano Dobre, © 2018

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