Virtual airlines list operating in Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North & South America, flying on VATSim, IVAO and offline as well.

Virtual Airlines List flying on VATSim, IVAO & Offline

Virtual Airlines List flying on VATSim, IVAO & Offline
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Virtual airlines list operating in Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North & South America, flying on VATSim, IVAO and offline as well.

> Aegean Virtual Airlines
| Created by a captain and instructor of Aegean Airlines for all Flight Simulator enthusiasts, is a virtual airlines where real pilots, captains, flight officers and instructors, commercial and private pilots, pass their knowledge to the members of Aegean VA, simulating on the networks of VATSIM and IVAO the operations of the real Aegean Airlines and not only.

> Aerolineas Argentina Virtual
| A group of people who love flight simulation and, through flight simulators, group together those who are passionate about aeronautics simulating the operations of the real-world airline on the IVAO network.

> Air Algerie Virtual
| Air Algerie Virtual simulates the real life operations of Air Algerie using the IVAO network. Virtual Air Algerie offers a great experience with the highest degree of realism. All booked flights are automatically logged.

> Air Canada Virtual
| Established in 1998, Air Canada Virtual is a worldwide virtual airline community comprised of real world pilots and aviation enthusiasts that mirrors the daily operations based on real world schedules, equipment and routes of the Canadian carrier.

> Air France Virtual
| Air France Virtual makes available to pilots using flight simulator a large amount of information from the real world to enable them to make realistic flights carried by the AirFrance-KLM group and all of its airline subsidiaries.

> American Airlines Virtual
| Made up of a friendly and helpful group of simmers who are dedicated to helping each other get the most out of virtual flight, replicates the activity of American Airlines.

> Austrian Airlines Virtual
| Austrian Virtual Airlines is a registered association in Austria in accordance with Austrian federal law Bundesgesetz über Vereine, officially supported by the real world Austrian Airlines, engaged in flight simulation on PC simulating the operations or the real world Austrian Airlines as closely as reasonably possible. Pilots have the possibility to fly either online either offline.

> Avianca Virtual
| Mirrors the activity of the Colombian airline on the IVAO network.

> Brussels Airlines VA
| Aims at simulating the operations of the Belgian flag carrier Brussels Airlines.

> Czech Airlines Virtual
| Czech Airlines Virtual is an independent gathering of flight simulation enthusiasts operating on VATSim and IVAO online networks simulating the traffic of CSA Czech Airlines.

> Delta Virtual Air Lines
| Mirrors the activity of Delta.

> easyJet Virtual
| Free non profit, non commercial organisation for use with FS2004, FSX, X-Plane and P3D simulating the operations flown by the real world company easyJet UK, incorporating easyJet Europe based in Vienna and easyJet Swiss based in Geneva.

> El Al Virtual
| Virtual airline replicating the real world operations of Israeli flag carrier El Al.

> Enter Air Virtual
| Virtual Enter is based on the real-world airline which was established in 2009 and aims at providing a realistic virtual air service in Central and Eastern European region.

> Ethiopian Airlines Virtual
| The main goal is to simulate the flight operations of Ethiopian Airlines as close as possible using the IVAO network.

> Iran Air Virtual
| IVAO registered virtual airline and powered by FSAirlines, uses a fully automated crew system for logging flight reports.

> LATAM Virtual
| Replicates the activity of the real-world airline in Latin America on both VATSim and IVAO networks.

> Norwegian Virtual
| Virtual Norwegian models the European low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle flying both shorter domestic flights and longer flights reaching other continents such as Asia and North America.

> Oman Air Virtual
| Based in Muscat Seeb International Airport, Oman Air Virtual is representing the national flag airline of the Sultanate of Oman, operating scheduled and non scheduled virtual flights to a wide network of destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, Europe and North America on IVAO and VATSim networks using Xplane, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D.

> Scandinavian Virtual Airlines
| Scandinavian Virtual Airlines, founded in 1997 is the oldest VA in Scandinavia and replicates the SAS flying to hundreds of destinations, from short flights in Scandinavia to long hauls in the Western and Eastern world.

> Smartwings Virtual
| Formerly Travel Service, is an online based virtual airline that replicates the flights of the real-world airline.

> Southwest Virtual Airlines
| Southwest Virtual Airlines advocates the advancement of flight simulation in an environment free of suffocating pressure, narrow-minded perspectives and zealotry. In this respect, Southwest Virtual Airlines strives to ensure all pilots are exposed to realistic and varied opportunities.

> Swiss Virtual
| Simulates the operations of Swiss International Air Lines.

> TAP Portugal Virtual
| Recognized by the real-world TAP Portugal, TAP Virtual emulates its operations in a professional and educational manner.

> TNT Virtual Airways
| Founded in 2009, based at Liege airport in Belgium and supported by the real-world TNT Airways, replicates the operations of the real world carrier on the VATSim and IVAO networks.

> Transavia Virtual
| For users of FS2004, FSX, X-Plane and Prepar3D, simulates the Dutch and French part of the airline and operates on VATSim and IVAO networks.

> Turkish Virtual Airlines
| Founded in 2001, is the oldest virtual airline in Turkey. Operates on VATSim.

> United Airlines Virtual
| Welcomes virtual pilots of all skill levels using FS2004, FSX, X-Plane and P3D who fly online with VATSim or offline. Pilots can transfer up to 125 verifiable hours from VATSim or from other virtual airlines and have access to every aircraft in the United Airlines Virtual and Star Alliance fleet.

> UPS Virtual Air Cargo
| Simulates the operations of the freight carrier in a realistic and professional way.

> Vueling Virtual Airlines
| Recognized by the real-world Vueling and demanding from its pilots a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge and professionalism in the use of simulators, this virtual airline recreates operations, systems and routes of the real-world Spanish carrier.

> Wizz Air Virtual
| Wizz Air Virtual Airlines, based on the real-world Wizz Air, replicates in a realistic way the air service in Central and Eastern European region.

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